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Snowcap Fashion Crafts Pvt. Ltd. is legitimately registered to the Government Authorities of Nepal with a view to export Nepalese Handicrafts, Fashionable clothing and Accessories. We are manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of the complete Nepalese handmade products. Besides our own production of garment and handicraft items, we also collect the products from various manufacturers and artisans. We have been exporting these rich and unique products to Asia, Australia, Europe, Canada and America since its inception.

We deal with the products such as: Woolen Jackets, Wollen Poncho, Gloves, Wollen Earflap Hats, Animal Hats, Scarves, Shoes and socks, Cotton Jackets, Shirts, Hippie Tops, Hippie Bohemian Trousers, Cotton Kurtha, Pantaloni Afghani, Skirts, Dress, Headbands, Silk Trousers, Skirts, Jogi Bags, Cross Shoulder Bags, Cross Body Sling Bags, Monk Bags, Lama Bags, Tote Bags, Felt Bags, Shoes, Felt Purses, Keyrings, Mithila Mirrors, Mithila Boxes, Photo Frame, Bone Necklaces, Bone Pendants, Bracelets, Bone Keyring, Earring, Hemp Hats, Bags, Wallets, Slippers, Hemp Flipflop, Silk Gloves, Scarves, Jute Bags, Jute Hats, Lokta Paper Notebooks, Lokta Journals, Lampshades, Paper Photo Frame, Greeting Cards, Wooden Masks, Aromatic Incenses, Glass Beads Jewelry, Nepal Glass Beads Roll On Bracelets, Pipes-Bongs, Singing Bowls, Bells, Cotton knitted Hats and Hacky Sack etc.

Objective: Promotion of Nepalese handicrafts and handloom products all over the world, extension of help and cooperation to uplift disadvantaged group of the Himalayan country Nepal.

Snowcap Fashion Crafts is registered to and active member of:

    Government of Nepal Ministry of Industry, Commerce & Supplies                 Nepal Chamber of Commerce (NCC)                 Federation of Handicraft Associations of Nepal (FHAN)                  Export Council of Nepal (ECON)

Govt. of Nepal office          Nepal Chamber of       Federation of Handicraft        Export Council Of

of the Coy. Registrar          Commerce (NCC)    Association of Nepal (FHAN)      Nepal (ECON)


Snowcap Fashion Crafts in the Community: 

Donation Raised For The Earthquake Victims (Dhara-Dhiri-8, Semjong, Dhading)

1. Snowcap Fashion Crafts, Nepal : $450

2. Helen Hitchcock, UK: $75

3. Erin & Waine Wood, USA: $60

4. Christopher Beavis, UK: $450

5. Shlomi Dadus, UK: $46

6. Pavlina Samson, UK: $7.65

7. Samantha Essex, UK: $178

8. Ella & Eve Rainford, UK: $272

9. Anne Marie Hilts, Australia: $32

10. Kristin Peabody, USA: $150

Total Fund Collected: $1720.65


You will find the following in our services:

Product of superior quality and design
Items of competitive price
Wide varieties of original items

Would you allow us to advise you to import and experience our products in your country that you may find the benefits of working with experienced and genuine exporters from the Himalayan country Nepal?

Our Team

   Managing Director         Operations Manager       Design & Marketing

    Kushal Gurung             Maya Gurung             Anjali Gurung

         Kushal Gurung                        Maya Gurung                           Anjali Gurung